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‎Robotic item handling looks easy? It is probably because we, people, learned these skills when we were about 6 months old. But reliable automatic item handling requires more than a performant camera, gripper or vision system.

That is why Nomagic takes end-to-end responsibility for item handling when partnering with you and with your clients.

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They partnered with us

Reesink Logistic Solutions is a leading provider of automated warehouse logistics. With more than 50 years of experience in the fields of automation, shelving construction and software customization, RLS is one of the top AutoStore™ distributors in Western Europe and has already set up more than 100 AutoStoresystems.

RLS is benefiting from the unique advantages of Nomagic's robotic solutions based on artificial intelligence, with which the automated order picking of the AutoStore™ systems can be efficiently supplemented.

about Picking for AutoStore™

Gert Bossink

Gert Bossink

VP of Royal Reesink and Division Director of Reesink Logistic Solutions

"In cooperation with Nomagic, we can offer our customers longer operating times for their AutoStore™ systems as well as more flexibility in picking and receiving."

System Integrators Differentiate your offering with Intelligent Robotics and bring extra performance to your clients

Following the pandemics, pushed by global competition, ecommerce and traditional retailers are modernizing their warehouses and investing Capex to increase logistics performance.


Nomagic works hand in hand with you:


  • on greenfield projects to bring warehouse concepts one step closer to full automation


  • on brownfield projects to keep existing warehouses always ON with Intelligent Robotics

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